Live Streaming with Open Broadcaster Software to Youtube.. udemy 100% free course

omnia elsadawy
Free udemy course.......... In this course you will learn to operate the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), so commonly used by online streamers to get themselves online with platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitch. 

Live Streaming with Open Broadcaster Software to Youtube

This course shows you how to get your computer setup and doing your first Live Stream on Youtube Live. 
I help you be stepping you through and answering your questions along the way.

Who this course is for:
  • If you want to have control over the quality and content on your live stream
  • If you want to provide quality Live Streams from your computer, to create online shows, vlogs, or presentations
  • Maybe you have tried Youtube Live on your phone, and want to take the next step
  • If you have an Online or Local Business and you want to get more exposure to potential clients
  • Get the course

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