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Free udemy course........... Human beings, young and old, rich or poor, across diverse backgrounds and interest, have this thing in common: an inherent desire for meaning and fulfillment in life. We are all pursuing success and fulfillment in life. Many times, we ask ourselves: what should I be doing with my life? How can I become more successful? When will my big break come?

Personal Development
The Masterplan of Life

At the crux of these and many other questions, is the inevitable desire for purpose. We have an appetite for achievement and we sense that we have a potential for greatness. There is an inward intuition that tells us that life could be better. But how do we get there? We make plans for a better life. Financial plans, Education plans, Personal growth plans, Health plans, Retirement plans, etc.
But we find ourselves not truly fulfilled. And that is because we have all these plans that we come up with on our own, but we do not have the Masterplan of life. What is this Masterplan of Life? Who designed it? Could it be the missing ingredient in our desire for success and meaning in life?
This course uncovers God’s Masterplan for our lives and reveals how we can truly live that are full of purpose, that is lives that are not just successful, but lives that are also full of meaning and fulfillment.
Throughout the course, you will encounter Biblical truths that will equip you with knowledge of God’s purpose for your life and you will be encouraged to act on that knowledge to get results.
You will gain an understanding of:
  1. The Maker of the Masterplan: how everything we see and know began and the One who began it
  2. The Meaning of the Masterplan: your core purpose and assignment on earth
  3. The Management of the Masterplan: the essential keys to your success on earth
  4. The Mulfunctioning of the Masterplan: the biggest enemy to your purpose and progress in life, and how to overcome that enemy; and
  5. The Makeover of the Masterplan: how to get back on track and live a truly victorious life
You were created on Purpose, for a Purpose, by the God of Purpose, and this course in an opportunity for you to discover that purpose so you can be truly victorious in life.
Genesis 1:1 says:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
If you can embrace this verse, it will unlock so much more for you regarding purpose! This course will build upon this foundational truth from Genesis 1:1, by discussing “The master plan of life.” This will be a very key, foundational, yet exhilarating course. We will dig deeper into mankind’s origin, mandate and destiny. We will find out more about:
  • God’s unique existence and how He created everything we see and know
  • The role of science and why science should complement rather than compete with the reality of God’s masterplan
  • The origin of man and the reasons why God created mankind
  • What it means to be made in the image of God
  • The dominion mandate
  • Mankind’s free will as an asset and a liability, and how you can freely unlock your God given destiny
In this course, you will clearly understand that your Purpose was created by God, it became corrupted, but God corrected that purpose and He wants you to discover The Masterplan for your life so you can have victory, success, and fulfillment in life.
Who this course is for:
  • anyone who wants to live a purpose driven life and achieve victory, success, and fulfillment in life.
  • Get the course

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