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Sunday, April 19, 2020

SEO Training 2020: How To Drive 10X FREE Traffic + WordPress | 100% free udemy course

This course, SEO Training 2020: How To Drive 10X More FREE Traffic To WordPress is about: Out ranking your COMPETITION, getting more free TRAFFIC and driving SALES! By learning a step by step FORMULA used by Search Engine Optimization professionals!  
SEO, Website Developer,  web development course
SEO Training 2020: How To Drive 10X FREE Traffic + WordPress | 100% free udemy course 

This SEO Formula is explained in the following ways:
  • Exploring the PRINCIPLEs that govern each stage of the formula  
  • What STRATEGIES, METHODS and TACTICS deliver the best RESULTS
  • Live DEMONSTRATION of how to implement TACTICS 
  • Real-life examples to SHOW when to use TACTICS  
Syeda Ali says, “The sound quality is very good. Video illustrations are spot on.  The research is very thorough. You engage the audience right from the start. Overall, very very impressive”
This course is based on EXTENSIVE RESEARCH from the analysis of:
√ Over 2 million unique URLs
√ Hundreds of thousands of on-page factors
√ Over 20,000 search queries
√ Billions of backlinks and social signals
√ The collective experience of over 150 individual SEO professionals
*The most well-researched course on SEO by quite a distance
“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.” – Unknown Source
This course is designed for Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Bloggers, Youtubers and Online Marketers who are NOT trying to “hide a dead body” but rather looking to rank #1 on Search Engines and get found by EVERYONE!    
BR Ole Kruse says, “Very well structured course with good and easy to understand information about the SEO universe. Even though I have quite a lot of experience with SEO, I still feel a lot wiser after completing this course.”
This is the most ENGAGING and ENTERTAINING SEO course ever made! Each section, lecture, and resource is designed to evolve the students into SEO-Ninjas who can create, adapt and thrive in any situation.
 ✔“insider” information          ✔tutorials            ✔real-world examples           ✔project-based learning

What’s more!
  1. Brand NEW SEO course for 2019
  2. BONUS Videos, Templates, and Resources
  3. Access to TONS of FREE tools
  4. NO additional or hidden costs
  5. 4.5 Hours of Full HD Videos + Updates
  6. 30 Day money back guarantee - No questions asked
  7. Also learn: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, & WordPress 

Fun Fact: This course was initially created for my friend who started a coaching service and needed my help to attract FREE / QUALIFIED traffic for his website
Here’s What You'll Learn!
Build an in-depth understanding of SEO Principles, Strategies, and Tactics to Rank Higher in any Search Engine, for any industry, at any time. Grow your business with SEO!  
  • Get Started with SEO Basics
  • Perform a SEO Audit for Your Website Using a FREE tool
  • Track SEO Performance with Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster
  • Increase Site Speed Using Plug-ins and Other Proven Tactics
  • Discover 5 Unique Keyword Research Methods to Get More Targeted Traffic (+BONUS)
  • Learn to Craft the Top 1% of the Best SEO Content Created Online   
  • Become Search Engine Friendly & Get Indexed Faster
  • Earn Relevant, Authoritative, Local & Quick Backlinks with 15 Unique Tactics (+BONUS) 
  • Avoid Making 3 Common SEO Mistakes & Protect Against Negative SEO 
  • Build Profitable Relationships Online With a Three-Step-System
  • Use Social Media to Rank Higher in Search Engines
  • And Much More… 
“Marketing isn't just Billboards and TV ads anymore. Nowadays, the internet is a primary source for gathering information, so search engine optimization has to be part of your marketing strategy in order for you to stay relevant.”
I designed this course to help you stay relevant with value-added information, actionable steps, and easy to follow tutorials that will guide to the solid results which will exceed your expectation!  
If you are ready to take your Ranking, Traffic, and Website to a new level, go ahead and click the "Take this course" button on the top-right corner to enroll now.
Note: All lectures will be kept updated and more free tools will be added at no extra cost to you 

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment
  • SEO Works 24/7, 365 Days a Year to Drive Sales  
  • SEO has a 2-3X Better ROI than Paid Ads
  • SEO may Account for 64% of all Website Visits
  • SEO Builds Brand Awareness, Equity, and Credibility  
  • Your Competitors Are Investing in SEO
Scroll up and hit the TAKE THIS COURSE button right now.
Who this course is for:
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online marketers

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