Model Thinking | Social Sciences Economics course


Model Thinking | Social Sciences Economics coursera course

Model Thinking | Social Sciences Economics course

Social Sciences Economics coursera course

We live in a complex world of diverse people, companies and governments whose behaviors combine to create new and unexpected phenomena. We are witnessing political riots, market crashes, and a never-ending series of social trends. How do you make sense of it model. People who consistently model think are proven to outperform those who don't. Moreover, people who think in many models are better than those who use only one. Why do models make us better

thinkers? Models help us better organize information. In other words, it helps you understand the fire hose or data fluff (pick your metaphor) available on the web. Models improve their ability to make accurate predictions. They help us make better decisions and apply more effective strategies. They can even improve our ability to shape institutions and processes. This class introduces the model starter kit. Start with a tipping point model. We then move on to models that explain the wisdom of crowds, models that show why some countries are rich and some that are poor, and models that help clarify the strategic choices of corporations and politicians. The models covered in this class lay the foundation for future social science education, including economics, political science, business administration, and sociology. Mastering this material will give you a head start on the advanced course. They also help save your life. The course will look like this. For each model, we present a short overview lecture that is easy to follow. So let's dig deeper. We go into the technical details of the model. These technical classes do not require calculus, but will prepare you for algebra. In every lecture I offer some questions and even do quizzes and final exams. You will receive a course certificate once you have performed Deep Dive and passed all quizzes and exams. If you decide to attend an introductory talk just to get an idea, that's fine. All free. And it's all here to make you a better thinker!

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