Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security | free course Ethical Hacking


Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security |  free course Ethical Hacking

Kick start your journey in Cyber Security

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Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security |  free course Ethical Hacking

 Hello everyone! Learn about ethical hacking and cyber security in this free course and  start your cyber security journey. 
 Cybersecurity is a growing field that  still needs qualified professionals. The global cybersecurity market is expected to grow from $170 billion in 2017 to $202 billion in 2023. 
 So, if you are a beginner and interested in building your career in cyber security, this course will help you understand the basics and guide you to the next steps. 
 Here is a more detailed discovery of the content of the course: 
 In all parts, we start with the basic principle of cyber security and ethical hacking 
 In this course you will learn  the basics of cyber security and ethical hacking: 
 Below is a list of topics: 
 Course presentation 
 Introduction to Hacking 
 What is hacking 
 What hackers are there 
 Types of hackers 
 Was I robbed? 
 History of Hacking 
 Breaking the myth 
 Principles of information security 
 The CIA Triad 
 Honesty Practical 
 Dive into hacking 
 USB Thief 
 Zip Bomb 
 Fork bombs 
 Ports and protocols 
 What are ports and protocols 
 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP and HTTPS) 
 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 
 FTP practical 
 Secure Shell (SSH) 
 SSH practical 
 Telnet, RDP, and Telnet vs. SSH 
 Communication models 
 TCP IP and OSI model 
 The OSI model in everyday life 
 TCP 3-way handshake 
 Types of networks 
 Network types 
 Local network 
 Suurkaupunki regional network 
 Wide area network 
 Personal Area Network 
 What follows 
 You get 24/7 support with this course,  so if you have any questions, you can send them to the QandA section and we will answer you as soon as possible.  Notes: 
 This course is designed for educational purposes only. We do not promote  malicious activity. 
 Who this course is for: 
 Anyone interested in learning ethical hacking 
 Any beginner who wants to start their journey in cyber security 
 Educator ready to start teaching cyber security 
 All cybersecurity and pretesting professionals 
 Ethical hackers who want to learn the basics  and network 
 Newcomers in the cyber security field who want to apply for an analyst position

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