Agile Project Management | FREE COURSE Leadership and Management


Agile Project Management | FREE COURSE Leadership and Management ON Coursera

Agile Project Management | FREE COURSE Leadership and Management

The Google Project Management Certificate program's fifth course is this one. The Scrum framework, as well as the history, methodology, and philosophy of agile project management, will all be covered in this course. You'll discover how to distinguish between and combine Agile with other project management methodologies. You will discover more about Scrum as you advance through the course, investigating its tenets and ideals and contrasting the key roles played by Scrum teams. You'll learn how to construct, oversee, and improve a product backlog, put Agile's value-driven delivery techniques into practice, and specify a value roadmap.

Additionally, you will learn how to teach an Agile team and promote an Agile or Scrum strategy to a company. You will also learn how to plan the five key Scrum events for a Scrum team. Ultimately, you'll discover how to look for and accept positions in Agile jobs. Existing Google project managers will continue to guide you and give you the practical methods, resources, and tools you need to achieve your objectives.

Students who successfully finish this program should be prepared to apply for entry-level project management jobs. No prior knowledge is required. You will be able to: - Describe the Agile project management approach and philosophy, including values and principles, by the end of this course. - Describe the foundational elements of Scrum and how they uphold its principles. - Describe the critical roles in a Scrum team and how they differ from one another in terms of effectiveness. - Create and maintain a product backlog, and refine the backlog. - Explain the five key Scrum events and how a Scrum team should prepare for each event. - Put Agile's value-driven delivery techniques into practice and create a value roadmap. - Describe how to mentor an Agile team and assist them in overcoming obstacles. - Look for a job in an Agile department and study interview techniques.

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