Practical Industrial Control System Penetration Testing | best course Cyber Security 33%off coupon code


Practical Industrial Control System Penetration Testing | best course Cyber Security 33% off coupon code 

PICSPT - Your practical and offensive workshop for newcomers to ICS/OT Security 2023

Practical Industrial Control System Penetration Testing | best course Cyber Security 33% off coupon code 

Best udemy course Cyber Security 33% off coupon code 

Hack ICS/OT into shodan or your company? Better not! I believe the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. OT Security is a new and essential capability for all technicians and engineers working with industrial control systems. There are several open-source tools for studying the cyber security of industrial control systems, but unfortunately, there is no proper training facility. There are many options for IT pretest learners, such as HackTheBox or VulnHub, where you can test pen-testing tools and hacking skills. Either there are no training platforms focused on ICS or it's a boring seminar with a participation fee of over €1000. In this workshop, you will learn the essential Pentest tools and Kali open-source tools and try them out in six interactive industrial controller simulations. Of course, simulations are not perfect, so I will show you tools and techniques with two real logic. The workshop has a highly practical component and encourages participation! More than 30 exciting tasks await you, with which you can gradually deepen your skills! Important: ICS testing cannot be compared to typical pen testing in the IT world. Industrial plants must be continuously available, and hardly any manufacturer wants to risk stopping production. Security testing is usually performed at the lowest or second lowest aggression level. So if you're thinking of taking care of your device with buffer overflows, kernel exploits, privilege escalation and root shells, you're in the wrong place. Are you interested in ICS security analysis and already have a basic understanding of industrial cyber security? Then this is the right place for you! Are you currently studying to a (CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker? Knowledge of OT is required from year 12 onwards! This course gives you a hands-on introduction to understanding typical vulnerabilities in OT hardware! Please note that the software used is not mine. I can only offer limited help in problematic situations. Contact the software publisher for assistance. The installation manual is ready as far as I know, but the participants are responsible for the installation. Who this course is for: Curious people who want to look at an industrial control system from an attacker's perspective For beginners with a basic understanding of industrial cybersecurity CEHv12 participants


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